Sweet Nostalgia
                                                          ...A Delectable Journey Down Memory Lane
Sweet Nostalgia was established in 2011 and is located in Houston, TX. It is a home based, made-to-order bakery dedicated to keeping golden memories of “the good old days” alive. In a world of convenience and shortcuts, we are committed to creating traditional baked goods from scratch, using only the finest ingredients. Specializing in old fashioned teacakes, a variety of pound cakes, and an array of traditional cakes “that Grandma used to make”, Sweet Nostalgia promises high quality products with the simple down home charm you expect from your neighborhood baker.
Sweet Nostalgia * P.O. Box 43, Highlands, TX 77562 * 713-582-1859
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​Serving Houston and the surrounding areas

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With the passing of Bill 1HB 970, as  of 9/1/2013, Sweet Nostalgia is no longer limited to sales and pickups at my home. We are able to make deliveries and sell at farmers' markets, and municipal, county, and non-profit fairs, festivals, and events.
Sweet Potato Poundcake

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"Always made to order to with only the finest ingredients to ensure quality reminiscent of "Grandma's House"
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